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In Japan the cult of the table must be as pleasant to taste as it is beautiful to look at.

Typical plants and flowers are also portrayed in utensils and tableware where the contemplation of beauty is combined with the taste of food prepared with wisdom and feeling.

Among the most prized cups we have those dedicated to the tea ceremony, a true cult for every Japanese. Porcelain and ceramics offer a wide range of bowls for rice, soups, udon, ramen; of dishes for meat and fish (sushi and sashimi par excellence) with original shapes.

On the teapots page, instead, you will find a wide range of cast iron "tetsubins" with more or less traditional shapes.


Modern colorful bento or traditional wood bento

teiere giapponesi
tazze da te giapponesi_cermica giappones
Cerimonia del the
bento bako
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