MATERIAL: paper / bamboo
MEASURES: opening 50 x height 29 cm

Japanese fan "Kyōto Sky 京都 の 空"

  • Article description

    Paper fan used for dark dance (maiko and geisha dance) with lacquered bamboo structure. Hand made.

    Paper with pattern depicting the stylization of the sky and hills of Kyōto on an ivory / gold background with metallic specks. Decoration on both sides.


    Origin Tokyo

  • the dance fan:

    A dance fan is slightly wider than normal, with bamboo sticks of about thirty centimeters. It is held on the right side of the obi with the top facing up. It is pulled out with the right hand, and is placed on the left palm as if holding a bowl of rice. Then you slide it on your hand along the splints, taking the end with your right hand, bend it forward, and place it on the floor in front of your knees, in this way, and, with your back perfectly straight, you make a bow saying onegaishimasu (is it allowed? can i?) .

    This is a highly ritualized gesture which means that you are leaving your world behind and you are ready to enter a territory where only the master's competence counts. Bowing, it is stated that you are willing to receive what the teacher is going to give us.


    In dance it is grasped forcefully making the noise of the sticks heard which are closed by one hand.

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