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MATERIAL: 100% cotton
TECHNIQUE: manual dyeing
MEASURES: 33 x 90cm

Japanese Tenugui "紅葉 Momiji" fabrics

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    A tenugui is a light cotton towel of flat fabric, and almost always with some printed motif. He frequently appears in anime and manga as props in actions set in public toilets (sentō).
    Used as a headband, they also absorbed sweat under the samurai helmets. It became "fashionable" in the eighteenth century thanks to the actors of the Kabuki theater and since then it has been used as a towel, head band, as a headdress (especially by those who practice kendo), as a belt, scarf, folded and knotted to carry objects, such as placemat / table runner, to hang on the wall (many are beautifully decorated and dyed), etc. It can also be used as a "business card" or gadget by merchants. Those produced by craftsmen / artists are often collected and hung on the walls of the house.
    It is made of cotton (linen in the past) traditionally unedged. The fine tenugui are hand-dyed using different techniques "注 ぎ 染 め" [Sosogizome]

    Chusen (through a stencil, a resistant paste is spread, and the portion of the cloth not covered will be colored in this way),

    Nassen (application of a stencil mask with the colored tint poured directly on it)


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