MATERIAL: ceramic
MEASURES: diam 8.5 cm, h 8.5 cm approximately

Box / 11x 21.5 x 10.5 cm

Japanese cups "YUNOMI ORIBE"

  • Article description

    Precious set of two ceramic tea cups, with the traditional and deliberately primitive Oribe style. The decoration is enriched by a series of turquoise blue castings obtained with oxides and pigments. One-of-a-kind Artistic Set. Completely handmade with traditional techniques, by Japanese craftsmen under the supervision of the master 和田 和文 Kazufumi Wada. The furnace is that of 桂山 窯 Keizangama area of Minoyaki. To appreciate the preciousness of the handmade product. Personal seal of the performer.

    Origin Gifu Prefecture



  • Oribe green 青 織 部

    Origins of the style

    During the late Momoyama (1573–1615) and early Edo periods (1615–1868) in Japan, the art of the tea ceremony underwent new developments. Great tea masters like Takeno Jōō (1502-1555), Sen no Rikyū (1522-1591) and Furuta Oribe (1544–1615) have revolutionized the utensils, rituals and ceramics used in tea ceremonies. Oribeyaki is a type of Japanese ceramic stoneware recognizable by its freely applied glaze and by its eccentric essence of forms. Green Oribe (青 織 部, Ao-Oribe), has as its characteristics, a classic green glaze inspired by the colors of the mountains or the scenes along the rivers. The surface is painted and decorated with bright brush strokes and surface designs.

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