MATERIAL: wood / lacquer / mother of pearl
TECHNIQUE: lacquering
MEASURES: length 16.5 x1.5 x 1 cm
CONDITIONS: excellent 30s / 40s

"笄簪 KOGAI FLOWER" hair pin

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    Classic and precious hair pin (Kogai kanzashi) in hand-lacquered wood. Applications in abalone mother-of-pearl made with the Raden technique. Pattern with traditional flowers. 1930s / 40s. Origin from Kyoto


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    There are archaeological finds from the Neolithic period that demonstrate the use of these accessories since ancient times often consisting of real bones, covered with copper and beads. Originally it was a practical tool to and from fixing to the roots of the hair, but when the hairstyles became complicated in the Edo period, its use was elevated to the role of luxurious accessory. its use "笄" requires that it be divided in two in the center, and then rejoin by closing it at the base of the hairstyle becoming a perfect horizontal decorative element.

    In the Meiji eTaisho era, it became sophisticated and envisaged Makie wood and lacquer as its material of constitution. The inside of the shorter side is like a sheath and houses the connecting segment of the other side and is therefore divided into left and right.
    In Japan it is often combined with a comb called Kushi kanzashi.