TECHNIQUE: raden manual lacquering
MEASURES: 10.5 X 14 xh 6 cm
CONDITIONS: 40s in excellent condition

Japanese lacquered box "葡萄 Budō"

  • Article description

    Particular wooden box completely hand-decorated with Takamaki-e technique. Pattern with leaves, branches and grape fruit [Budō] made of abalone mother-of-pearl with the Raden application technique. The base of the box has a dark brown matt relief surface, the interior is lacquered black.

    The makie 蒔 絵 is a type of Japanese lacquering born around the ninth century and developed over the centuries, giving rise to various techniques, both decorative and for the realization of the background. The one who uses this decorative technique is called makieshi.

    The Christian missionaries who arrived in Japan four centuries ago were struck by the beauty of the maki-e , bringing specimens of it back to their countries of origin; maki-e also spread throughout Europe through the trade of the Dutch East India Company and the collections of the royal families.


    Vintage 1940s in excellent condition - Unique piece from the city of Nara.