AUTHOR: 東京 ・ 目 白 花 想 容 Tokyo Mejiro Hanazono

PAGES: 160

PHOTO: more than 200 / illustrative DVD on dressing and tricks to achieve it

Japanese language

DIMENSIONS: 21.2 x 26 x 1.4 cm

Japanese book " 着付けと帯結び Kitsuke to obi musubi"

  • Article description

    Particular and authentic illustrated book concerning the dressing and all the aspects inherent to it, many color photographs easily illustrate the arguments treated. In the book is carefully explained with photos and DVDs every detail so that Kimono can be worn correctly even by a person inexpert. Solves practical problems like "I can't wear it properly" and there are many tricks and tips that are not usually taught during the dressing lesson. The DVD can step by step make you understand how to wear, kimono and tie obi.


    Traditional dressing with audiographic DVD