MATERIAL: Wood pulp
TECHNIQUE: Wajima Nuri master Makieshi lacquering 角 和 晴
MEASURES: total length 27 cm, width 21 cm, height 4.5 cm

Internal dimensions 24.5 x 18.5 cm
CONDITIONS: 70s in excellent condition, almost new

Japanese lacquer Fubako 文 箱 "Matsu 松"

  • Article description

    Refined and modern Fubako 文 箱 box of moderate size in wood pulp decorated completely by hand with Taka maki-e technique. Traditionally used to store shodo paper and writing utensils. It is used as a generic container or as a display object. Decorated with a Japanese pine tree landscape (Matsu) in a typical composition that suggests a mountainous oceanic coastal area. Shaping of the lid to facilitate opening and increase its elegance. Signed by the author, in the original wooden container, with production certificate.

    In the Edo era, Fubako with 蒔 絵 (Makie) were appreciated as wedding gifts, differentiating according to size and purpose, The makie 蒔 絵 is a type of Japanese lacquering born around the ninth century and developed over the centuries, giving origin to various techniques, both decorative and realization of the fund. The one who uses this decorative technique is called makieshi.

    The Christian missionaries who arrived in Japan four centuries ago were struck by the beauty of the maki-e , bringing specimens of it back to their countries of origin; maki-e also spread throughout Europe through the trade of the Dutch East India Company and the collections of the royal families.

    In excellent condition - does not show any obvious signs of the 1980s

    Piece from the city of Kanazawa.

    Do not expose to direct sunlight, heat sources and particularly dry environments