MATERIAL: 100% cotton
TECHNIQUE: weaving

M: jacket length 78 x width 69 cm - Suitable for person height 165 70170 cm - pants length 100 cm

L: jacket length 80 x width 73 cm - Suitable for person with height 170 〜175 cm - pants length 102 cm

LL: jacket length 82 x width 77 cm - Suitable for person height 175 80180 cm - pants length 104 cm

Complete Japanese Samue "作 務 衣 blue"

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    Japanese samue (jacket + trousers) in 100% cotton canvas, blue and black base color with raised stripes. Ideal as a leisure uniform.

    Made in cotton or linen, and traditionally dyed brown or indigo, to distinguish it from other more formal garments, samuas are used by monks to perform manual jobs, such as maintenance of temples or country work. In more recent years, samuas have become popular as casual or workwear. Shakuhachi players, because of the historical association of this instrument with Buddhism, are used to wearing samue.

    ABOUT 40 ° wash material

    100% cotton

    綿 100%

    provenance Japan