MATERIAL: wood / urethane lacquer
TECHNIQUE: Wakasa nuri lacquer
CONDITIONS: new made in Japan

Japanese chopsticks set "若 狭 塗 Wakasa Nuri"

  • Article description

    Elegant set consisting of five pairs of hashi chopsticks in lacquered natural wood. Shaped and carved handle, decorated with colored fabric texture pattern. The gift box is made of wood and makes the item perfect as a precious gift. Wakasa nuri lacquer is produced in the prefecture of Fukui [coast on the Japanese sea north of Kyoto]. In the city of Obama there is a museum dedicated to this technique.



  • How to use chopsticks

    The first rod should be in the hollow between the thumb and forefinger, resting on the ring finger, in a fixed position.

    The second wand, squeezed between the tips of the thumb, index and middle fingers, should be able to maneuver freely.

    The combined tips should fit together.