Among the home furnishing items, the Urushi Japanese lacquers deserve a special mention. Maki-e and chinkin are among the most famous techniques for making bowls, boxes, lacquered and hand-painted boxes.


We only have incense made with natural products, without chemical or toxic additives, and they have always been used for Zen meditation, or room fragrances.


We directly import andon or kumo lamps made of natural or lacquered bamboo.


We also offer the classic Noren curtains with two or three panels in cotton, linen or hemp, to be used as a room divider or simple wall decoration.


Finally, a vast assortment of kakejiku prints and rolls, hand-painted, vases and necessary for ikebana. Geisha dolls Kyoningyo, Ikimatsu, wooden kokeshi, and Hinaningyo.

Tende Noren
Incensi Giapponesi
vaso ikebana giapponese_negozi giappone
Arredamento Giappone
Arredamento Giappone
Stampe Giapponesi
Lacche antiche Giappone
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