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The use of cookies by Imballaggi Sakura sas ("Sakurasan"), based in Viale Lazio, 6 Milan Italy, is part of the privacy policy of the Manager, in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/03 Code on the subject for the protection of personal data (Privacy Code) and the Provision of 8 May 2014 "Identification of simplified procedures for information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies" by the Italian Privacy Guarantor. According to the art. 13 of the Privacy Code we inform you that Imballaggi Sakura sas, acting as Data Controller acts in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.


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As specified in the brief information anticipated in the banner, you can give your consent to the use of cookies in a simplified form: by clicking on the "OK" button; closing the banner with the "X" button; scrolling the page or clicking any element of the contents inside the site pages.
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What is a cookie and what is it for?
A cookie is a small file that is sent to the browser and saved on your device when you visit a website.
Cookies allow an efficient operation of the site and improve its performance, in addition they provide information to the site owner for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to personalize your browsing experience by remembering your preferences (for example remembering the language and currency you have set, to recognize you at the next visit, etc.).


What cookies do we use and for what purposes?
Our site uses different types of first-party cookies (prepared and managed by Wix and Google), third-party cookies (prepared and managed by third parties based on their own privacy policies and not under the control of Wix or Google) and technologies related, each of which has a specific function.

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